madrid montessori


children's house (3-6)
a day in...

Between 9 and 9:15 the children arrive at school gate where the Guides greet them individually with a good morning handshake as they come inside. Each child finds their own place, marked with their name, where they hang their coat and leave their shoes. They change into their inside shoes and then, as they are ready, the children trickle into the classroom, one by one or with a friend. We respect the children’s pace and we support and foster their autonomy during these transitions.

Between 9:15 and 12 the children in each classroom are free to choose material that they would like to work with and receive individual lessons, known as “presentations” from the Guide. Each child's morning begins as soon as they enter the classroom. They can choose an activity that they have previously been shown or chat and interact with other children in the environment.

When most of the children have come in, the Guide will start working with children individually, presenting them with a new activity or material. The Assistant will do small groups throughout the morning, inviting children that are not elsewhere engaged. In these small groups they sing songs, read stories or do other exercises that help the children practice the rules of the environment and build a sense of community. Everything is learned from tangible experience: from squeezing an orange for juice to how we open and close a door carefully.

During the morning some children might leave the classroom to help prepare the bread or do gardening activities. At the end of the morning some children set the tables in the classroom for lunch, while others join a bigger group where they can do music and movement or listen to a story.

Between 12 and 13:15 they have free playtime in the patio and then wash their hands and sit down for lunch.During lunch we follow basic guidelines like waiting until everybody has been served to eat, not talking with our mouths full and not interrupting our friends at the table. At this moment in their lives, they are exploring their environment through their senses, so a meal is a very rich sensorial experience and most children thoroughly enjoy it. After lunch, the children tidy up, clearing their places so that the classroom is ready for the afternoon work cycle..

Children who nap go home at 13:30 and others stay on until 15:30. The children who stay until 15:30 continue working with materials from the different areas of the classroom. All children are picked up on Fridays at 13:30.