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The arts allow us to express the innermost aspects of ourselves and self-expression is an essential component of the Montessori curriculum. In our programs, individual and collective artistic expression—drawing, playing instruments, acting, singing, making a collage or a sculpture—is part of the school day. Musical instruments are on hand for children to explore and play at any time. And a variety of art materials—paints and pencils, as well as sewing, cutting and pasting utensils—are accessible to them on the shelves, just like all other learning materials. Several times a day there are opportunities to sing in small and large groups.

In addition, the school currently offers a number of extracurricular music programs including: private lessons in piano, violin (individual and orchestra) and guitar. We also have a musical language class, an Elementary Chorus, and a Sing-along class for children in the Children’s Houses.

All music students have the opportunity to perform in recitals during the school year. And in the spring the school hosts a concert at a local auditorium, that has been a highlight of the school year for the musicians and school community.

We also offer after-school Art Workshops led by local artist Isabel Moltó. During her many years of involvement with the school Isabel has strived to link the arts activities with topics the children are pursuing during the school day. Our educational philosophy shows through in her projects as much as in the whole Music & Arts program: learning is process-centered, rather than product-oriented.

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